The Journey


In 2000 representatives from the Cairns area attended meetings and workshops with key Government agencies and State Bodies to determine an effective and non-bias efficient way forward for North Queensland. From this it was a decision led by Wuchopperen Health Service and supported by the Board at the time to establish Northern Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Health Alliance- a Regional entity.

It was a collective approach by three key services;

Wuchopperen Health Service

Mamu Health Service

Mulungu Aboriginal Corporation Medical Service


Was the year the official concept of a Regional Peak Body took official existence in Cairns. Nancy Long, Karen Croft, Gordon Gertz worked tirelessly and volunteered over a year to determine the intent, principles and focus of NATSIHA. This was the commitment by those to ensure we had a strong regional entity with regional focuses and true meaning to the people of Far North Queensland. NATSIHA was incorporated with Australian Securities Investment Commission in May of 2003.


We commenced providing the Integrated Team Care (ITC) funding from NQPHN to the ACCHO sector. This was when the organisation grew its operations to service 14 funded services from Mackay to Thursday Island with all operational and reporting contractual obligations being managed by NATSIHA.


Today NATSIHA has 10 strong members spanning across an area from Innisfail to Thursday Island who operate and provide key services to communities within urban, rural and remote parts of FNQ. We also have members who operate in Drug and Alcohol Substance Misuse Rehabilitation and Aged Care sectors within their specified service areas.

NATSIHA is a growing organisation with strong leadership, clear vision and influential alliances. NATSIHA will continue to build sustainability to push regional focuses in true stewardship for its members.

Strategic Plan (2022-2024)

Collaborative Connections

Foster strength-based collaborations.

Solid Regional Concepts

A commitment to enable regional service.

Growth and Investment

Seek investment and strategies to support growth.

Innovation and Research

Technology Innovations and research agenda setting.

Our Vision

To achieve equity in health and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Far North Queensland.

Our Mission

The Northern Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Alliance (NATSIHA) will be the lead Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health agency by:

  • Advocating to improve health and wellbeing outcomes;
  • Supporting the capacity of its member organisations;
  • Advocating on behalf of its member organisations; and
  • Working in partnership with key stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Respecting others and their opinions, acting honestly and professionally in our dealings with others.
  • Enacting community control, self-determination and cultural respect.
  • Setting applicable and acceptable standards, maintaining solidarity and leading by example.
  • Acknowledging, recognising and respecting the differences between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and individual communities.
  • Taking responsibility and following through with member organisations, Aboriginal and Torres Islander communities and other stakeholders.
  • Operating with integrity and being open, communicative and consultative.
  • Sharing information and undertaking appropriate engagement activities through action-based processes.
  • Identifying and responding to service gaps and improving access to services through service integration.