The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Health Service are organisations initiated and operated by the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community which controls it. This local ownership model is also reflected within NATSIHA, through the empowerment and valuing of our member organisations and their communities through the services our members provide in their local areas and community.

NATSIHA membership is driven by the ATSICCH&WS in Far North Queensland. The primary health care services led by local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, delivering comprehensive and culturally appropriate primary health and wellbeing services have a strong existence within this region and provide meaningful and appropriate services to those who need it most.

We provide advocacy and support to our member organisations providing Wellbeing Services within the Drug and Alcohol Substance Misuse sector. Including our most important Elders who are provided representation within NATSIHA with our member organisation providing culturally appropriate Aged Care Services and NDIS packages facilitated and coordinated to ensure quality services and best practice.

We are grateful to have such a strong representation of key services across the footprint as dedicated members of the Alliance; it is a true illustration of the intent and desire to achieve equity in health and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Far North Queensland.

Our Members